Kate Somerville EradiKate


When I lived in NYC back in 2012 my skin definitely had seen better days. However, with a friends recommendation and some serious research on this EradiKate “stuff”, I stopped by a local Sephora and took home a little sample. Usually samples with specific ingredients do not last once home, when they get exposed to air, the beneficial properties lose their potency. However this did NOT.

A little background: My skin is oily/dry combo, I do break out during “that time of the month”. Previously I had tried every drugstore product available, benzoyl peroxide  and salicylic acid in every form they come in. These products would dry the skin out all around the blemish but would not get rid of the actual blemish. This was very concerning because I would be left with the blemish and super red dry skin as well.

So, I tried the EradiKate and STILL use this little miracle in a bottle. It is small and pricey, at about $24 for a little jar but all you need is qtip and spot treat your blemishes.I put it on after I have washed my face completely and moisturized, sleep with it on and in the morning, Voila and Au Revoir! This potion dried up any blemishes within 1-3 days and left the rest of my skin looking the same. Thank you very much!

I highly recommend this if you have the occasional breakout. However for anyone suffering with severe acne or cystic acne I think you would need to use something prescribed.

Hope this helps!


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