Let’s go Ballsy for Balayage!

Balayage isn’t new to most of us, and I 100% think it is the BEST way to look natural when you are lightening your hair. Honestly, I paid to have it done once and then I figured out how to do it myself. (Much cheaper…) I usually buy clairol blonde hair bleach, put the powder in the plastic dish provided, mix it all together. Put on the gloves, section my hair and tease from the ear down to the tip of my hair. You must TEASE your hair in order to give it that sunkissed look we all love. This is THE most important step to avoid an obvious strip of blonde around your hair as if you sat with a cap on all day. This is pretty much bullet proof.

I leave mine on for about 30-40 minutes, it might look lighter while wet, but once you rinse it out it isn’t, so I promise leave it in 30-40 minutes depending on how dark your hair currently is. (I’m not a Pro, but used to write for a magazine and have done extensive research on the technique).

Good Luck, feel free to message me if you need a step by step.

I will have to post a video once I do it again, probably soon as it’s getting closer to Summer and I love lightening my ends up.  I used to go for the all over foils, and although nice for a week or 3, soon I would have that dreaded roots line down my part. Gross…to say the least and it’s so expensive to keep up with. Thank god, today outgrown roots are more in among the younger crowds…

History of Balayage:

Balayage, a.k.a “sweep away” originated at the exclusive gorgeous “Carita” Salon in Paris in the early 70’s making a huge name for itself with it’s beautiful and effortless sun kissed look. While it may look simple to achieve, it takes a well trained eye to understand the hair’s texture, movement and “random” colour placement necessary to create this look.


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