How  to wear a Sarong this Summer!

I have a feeling sarongs are going to make a comeback this Summer! They are super easy to tie and are the perfect makeshift outfit while leaving the beach or the pool on your vacation. There are a ton of cute options out now.

To see the H&M ones in the above picture click here:



The halter. Fold the fabric into a triangle and place it beneath your shoulder blades. Crisscross the two ends over your bust and tie at the back of your neck.

The hip hugger
. Fold the sarong into a triangle and wrap it around your midsection, high on the back and lower in front. Bring the two ends together to tie below your waist, creating a deep V in front.

The long skirt
. Wear the sarong as a midcalf skirt, tying it on a diagonal that slants down to one side of your hips.

The strapless dress
. Wrap the cover-up around your torso and tie it into a strapless dress.



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